bit4coin now has a blog!

Bitcoins hand
— "Offline" Bitcoins (Image by BTC

We are proud to announce the start of our blog today! We are planning to cover various topics, e.g.,

  • Analyses and opinions on major developments in the bitcoin world, mainly about getting bitcoins into the hand of new users
  • Everything about buying bitcoins in retail stores, like our bitcoin voucher/gift card
  • Announcements and developments from our company, bit4coin
  • Background information on the industry and regulation from our point of view
  • Individual bitcoin topics explained for beginners
  • Bitcoin How-Tos
  • Fun topics around bitcoin!

We plan to release 1-2 posts per month to keep it managable. Feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed, and follow us on twitter or facebook to stay up to date.

What we will not be doing is covering "breaking" news - other sources like coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine or Bitcoin Examiner are much better equipped to do so.

Watch this space!

By Dolf Diederichsen (Google+)
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