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Bitcoin meetup amsterdam
— Amsterdam's "Bitcoin Wednesday" meeting page

On February 5th, the regular monthly bitcoin meetup in our hometown Amsterdam took place, and we finally managed to attend for the first time. We were stunned and thrilled to meet so many active Amsterdam bitcoiners. Apparently, up to 100 people participated over the course of the evening at Cafe Stanislavski on Leidseplein!

Interesting discussions with avid bitcoiners

We got a chance talk to PikaPay about their recent achievements. Also Bitonic, who are based in Driebergen, shared some exciting insights on their next steps. We cannot disclose it here, but can assure you that it will be a great step forward for bitcoin in the Netherlands!

The crowd was very international with participants from all over Europe and the U.S. We had good discussions on bitcoin mining (or the difficulty thereof), and about altcoins. I have personally taken a more negative stance towards most altcoins, especially the ones which are not offering no clear distinctive features compared to bitcoin, but opinions were mixed. We had a lively discussion on this topic.

Also, we got the chance to talk to two bankers from Rabobank and ING. It's good to see that the idea of bitcoin catches on among the financial world, and while it may not have full support from the companies itself, it's great to see that individuals are already aware of bitcoin as new and potentially disruptive financial technology.

Finally, we met two high school students who were working on bitcoin for a school project. They were really enthusiastic about it, and it's nice to see how much bitcoin is catching on!

Our Thanks go out to Richard Kohl and Joris Bontje from PikaPay for organizing the event. We are looking forward to next time – apparently they are planning to even put on some talks!

Amsterdam destination of upcoming "Bitcoin Conference 2014"

Bitcoin conference 2014
— Bitcoin 2014 Conference in Amsterdam

As you may be aware, the global Bitcoin 2014 Conference is coming to Amsterdam on May 15–17. The event will be held at the Passenger Terminal on the beautiful Amsterdam waterfront. This conference will follow the Amsterdam Bitcoin conference held Sept 26–28 last year, which was organized my Moe Levin. So Amsterdam is on the world map when it comes to Bitcoin events!

We will definitely participate at the Amsterdam Bitcoin 2014 Conference in May. Hope to see many of you there!

By Dolf Diederichsen (Google+)

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