Five reasons to buy bitcoins via vouchers

We often get the question why anyone should buy bitcoins via vouchers, instead of "buying bitcoins directly". Here we have collected five reasons why it makes a lot of sense:

Bitcoin shopping cart
— Put bitcoin in your shopping cart

Disconnect payment from actual bitcoin purchase

One of the most difficult issues for bitcoin buyers is how to pay for it. Payments normally take time and are slightly complicated, let it be advanced bank payment via SEPA, or even an online direct transfer method like sofort banking. By buying bitcoin vouchers or gift cards, you disconnect the "payment" part and the "obtain bitcoin" part.

Get full control over the exchange rate

Bitcoin's exchange rate has been rather volatile, and buying a voucher brings you as a customer in full control of the exchange rate. You can then redeem the voucher for bitcoin whenever you see fit, and may even profit by waiting for a drop in price before redeeming.

Bitcoin chart
— Bitcoin exchange rate chart in USD per bitcoin

Easy purchasing experience - no account or signup necessary

No login necessary
— No signup necessary when buying on bit4coin

With bitcoin vouchers, it is not necessary to create an account or sign up for a service. The process very much resembles buying any other product in an online store: You select the quantity of bicoin vouchers you would like to have, provide your address, and choose your payment method. We will then deliver the vouchers to your door (soon, we will even send the code directly to your mobile phone for an even faster experience).

For all of this you do not need a password or log-in information, as the voucher code serves as access key to your bitcoins.

Get into bitcoin at your own pace

Bitcoin will seem quite complicated if you are new to it - you need to learn about the exchange rate, bitcoin wallets, bitcoin addresses, and private keys.

All this can be quite overwhelming, and bitcoin vouchers allow you to discover everything at your own pace. After you buy the voucher, you can take your time with getting set up, and then redeem whenever you're ready. We have a short description on bitcoin for you, and explain you all necessary steps for the setup as well.

Make a great gift

Voucher on gift paper
— Give bitcoin as a gift!

Lastly, bitcoin vouchers (or gift cards as they are called) do as named – they make for a great gift! So if you want to give bitcoins for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's or as a birthday present, a bitcoin gift voucher or gift card makes giving bitcoins easy. Not only does it look nice, but the recipient will also easily see the value, even if they do not know much about bitcoin: In the end, everyone knows how gift cards work!

As mentioned, at the moment we are only offering physical cards which we mail to you. In the future, we will offer digital ones as well, which will make shipment much faster and allow you to get your bitcoins faster and quicker – (almost) instantaneous!

Update (2014/03/24): The digital offer is now live! Please find the announcement here: Buy bitcoins instantly now at bit4coin

By Dolf Diederichsen (Google+)

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