Big announcement: Complete bit4coin redesign

Today we are proud to release a new version of bit4coin, redesigned from the ground up! We have collected a lot of feedback from you over the 1.5 years since we originally launched, and wanted to update both design and security. The new release also reflects our change in focus from selling gift cards to selling bitcoins directly, fast and easily. The new design is probably the biggest visible change: We created a completely new color scheme and design, showcasing our home town Amsterdam.

New bit4coin home
— Our new homepage featuring "Magere Brug" in Amsterdam

So, what are the main changes besides design? Most importantly, we spend a lot of time on mobile optimization. As you receive the redemption code on your mobile phone, many of you redeem directly on your mobile device, so we wanted to make the mobile experience faster and snappier. Second, we wanted to make the order and redemption processes even easier and faster - and we still dont require you to create an account to buy your first bitcoins. Lastly, we have made a lot of improvements under the hood, e.g., with clearer error messages and vastly improved backend processes.

For you out there who have already been our customers for some time, we have made a few simple improvements to make purchasing and redeeming vouchers better:

  • More flexibility: You can now pick your own amount between 25 € and 500 € when buying bitcoins
    New bit4coin select amount
  • Faster redemptions: You can now copy and paste codes quickly directly into the redemption field
    New bit4coin redeem
  • Consolidated payout: When redeeming multiple vouchers, you now get one summary email with the bitcoin payout information

Also, our redesigned app will allow for faster integration of additional features and innovations, which we will be rolling out over the upcoming months.

There is some more stuff to explore, for example, we have a nice new slider wheel in our "More on bitcoin" section.

New bit4coin more on bitcoin
— The "slider wheel" with a quick introduction on bitcoin

We really hope you like the new bit4coin as much as we do. We love to hear your feedback, any bugs you may find, or feature requests at We will continue to optimize the site over the coming weeks.

Thanky you for your support since our first launch, we are looking forward to continuing the journey with you!

By Dolf Diederichsen (Google+)
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