New Bitcoin bull image and shopueberweisung launched!

Bit4coin homepage bull
— "Charging Bull" image on bit4coin

Quick update today: To celebrate bitcoin's recent bull run, we have an amazing new image on our start page. It's the bronze "charging bull" statue, located near the New York Stock Exchange in New York. Charley from alifeinthecity took the image of the bull and was so kind to allow us to use it. Tell us what you think - we're very happy with it!

Here the original image of the bull for comparison:

Charging bull
— Charging Bull image by alifeinthecity

Also, we have added a new payment option for customers from Austria and Germany:

— Three simple steps to pay with

The service is very fast, secure, and really easy to use. It will improve your checkout experience even further, and we hope you like it. Tell us your feedback at!

By Dolf Diederichsen (Google+)
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