bit4coin offers commission-free cryptocurrency purchases

The Corona crisis has resulted in economic uncertainty for many people and businesses. To support investors, bit4coin is making all purchases of cryptocurrency on commission-free until April 10th, 2020.

Over the course of the past weeks, almost all asset classes have sold off. Divestments and the flight to cash have led to European stocks correcting by as much as 40.5% at their low point. Even safe havens like gold dropped by 13% from peak on March 9th to the low on March 19.

Cryptocurrencies are no exception with the price of Bitcoin being 5% lower today than on January 1st.

Governments and Central Banks have reacted quickly to this unprecedented crisis. This week the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a $2 trillion virus rescue plan. European governments have each pledged billions in addition to the European Central Bank's €750 billion stimulus package. Globally, it is assumed that more than $5 trillion has been pledged to dampen the economic impact and this may only be the first step. This massive monetary expansion will likely have inflationary consequences. There is a place for an alternative currency that is scarce by design.

The case for a global, blockchain-based settlement network to simply and quickly move value across borders has never been more critical. Especially in a world where travel has come to a halt and country borders are being erected.

Nobody knows if we have seen the bottom yet, but the current lower prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies present a unique opportunity for long-term investors.

To take advantage of bit4coin’s commission-free trading until April 10th go to

Notes: bit4coin is based in Amsterdam and offers a secure, fast and easy way to trade cryptocurrencies since 2013. Cryptocurrency investments are risky and you should not construe any of this information or other material as investment, financial, or other advice. A bit4coin account is required to receive cryptocurrency.

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