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About bit4coin

Our mission

With bit4coin we provide the best tool for experienced bitcoiners to attract friends and family to the virtual currency, and a simple and easy-to-use portal into bitcoin for new users. We believe that by turning an abstract technology such as a virtual currency into a physical item like a gift voucher, we make bitcoin much more accessible to new users.

Our goal

We want to support world-wide bitcoin adoption. We believe bitcoin is money from the people, for the people, and want bitcoin to get into as many hands as possible. We are confident bitcoin is ready for the next wave of everyday users, beyond early adopters.

Security of processes and funds

We keep 100% of your funds with banking institutions in the European Union which are subject to deposit insurance. We convert funds to bitcoins when you redeem your vouchers, and keep bitcoins in secure wallets in various locations with multiple layers of security. In addition, we have sufficient funding to ensure reliable business operations.

Our company

We, bit4coin BV, are based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Founded in 2013, we bring a lot of experience: Both co-founders have 8+ years experience in banking, management consulting, finance, and IT.

bit4coin is a member of the Dutch Association of Bitcoin Companies (VBNL)
and the Dutch Gift Cards Trade Association (BVCNL).

We are always striving to improve - please send any feedback or comments to feedback@bit4coin.net!

bit4coin BV • Johan Huizingalaan 763a • 1066 VH Amsterdam • Netherlands

VAT ID: NL 853290854B01 • Chamber of Commerce: 59038489 (Amsterdam)