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5 reasons to buy bitcoins at bit4coin

1. Stable value until you use your bitcoins 💎
You select the Euro amount you want to buy bitcoins for. Once we receive the payment, we send you a bitcoin voucher as SMS to your mobile phone. The good thing: Your order is fully protected from bitcoin exchange rate fluctuations until you redeem your voucher. We will always apply the current market exchange rate once you redeem your voucher. If you want your bitcoins fast, you can redeem immediately — but if you want your bitcoins later, your value will be stable. A €100 voucher is worth €100 until you redeem.
2. Transparent bitcoin exchange rate 📈
The current bitcoin exchange rate is 1 BTC = €11,670.01. bit4coin's exchange rate is based on the euro market average ask rate provided by This ensures you always get the latest, fair, and reliable bitcoin rate based on market average, no matter when you redeem your bitcoin voucher.
3. Safe and secure ✔️
We are committed to creating a safe environment for our customers. Fraud checks and identity verification procedures are carried out by bit4coin on each order to minimize negative impact from fraud, money laundering or identity theft for our customers.
4. Get into bitcoin at your own pace 💺🚀
Does Bitcoin feel complicated at first? We understand you, the first steps are difficult. That's why we built the initial process as simple as possible. To buy bitcoins on bit4coin initially, you don't have to know anything about bitcoin: Just select the amount you want to buy bitcoin for, and complete the payment. Once you receive the bitcoin voucher, we help you on how to open your first wallet and store your bitcoins. And if you want to learn a bit more about bitcoin first, we have prepared this overview for you.
5. bit4coin is around since 2013 with more than 40,000 happy customers 💫
When you buy your bitcoins, you want to make sure you use a trusted partner with experience in the market. bit4coin has started operations in 2013, launched by a team of professionals from banking, consulting, and IT. More than 40,000 customers are trusting bit4coin with their bitcoin purchases. Many of them have bought their first bitcoin ever here at bit4coin!

How does buying Bitcoins work at bit4coin?

First, buy a bit4coin voucher:

  1. Select amount, enter your details and select payment method in the form above.
  2. Follow the steps to complete payment. For bank transfer methods (SEPA and international), initiate a transfer yourself at your bank, e.g., via online banking. We will provide you all necessary details (IBAN/account number, BIC/bank code/sort code and reference) once you complete the order. For the other methods, just follow the payment provider's instructions.
  3. To prevent fraud we will need to verify your identity. We will contact you via email after successful payment.
  4. After verification, you will receive your voucher PIN via SMS to your phone, and you're all set!

Then, to obtain your Bitcoins, go to redeem and enter your details, Bitcoin wallet address, and voucher PIN. You will receive your Bitcoins in your wallet within 1h after redeeming! Please be aware that we perform a compliance check of redemptions. As such, the process may take longer than the predicted time.

5 payment methods for maximum flexibility

To make buying digital currencies as easy as possible for you, we offer multiple payment options:

  • SEPA bank transfer. This is the standard method for bank transfers in Europe. SEPA transfers are only possible in Euros, but if your local currency is not Euro, banks will automatically transfer the amount, e.g., from CHF (Swiss Francs), GBP (British Pounds), or any other European currency.
  • Credit card. Pay with your Visa or Mastercard which will allow you to quickly and securely pay for digital currencies from any country in Europe. Please be aware that we charge an additional 2.5% for credit card fees.
  • Onlineueberweisen allows customers from Austria and Switzerland to pay fast and efficiently with their own online banking details, i.e. PIN (for online banking) and TAN (transaction number). Nearly all banks and TAN methods (SMS-TAN, Chip-TAN and iTAN) are supported.
  • iDEAL is an e-commerce payment system used in the Netherlands. With iDEAL you can make online payments in a reliable, secure and easy way. Payments are done using your trusted mobile banking app or the online banking environment of your own bank.
  • International bank transfer. If your bank is outside Europe, you can always initiate an international bank transfer (wire transfer) to us. As soon as we receive the full amount in the bank account, we will send your digital currency voucher to you.

To see which payment options are available in your location, just enter your country in the order form above, and you will see the payment methods available for you.

Contact us with your questions!

Do you have questions or need support? We're there to help and will respond within 24h. Just drop us a line here or send an email to Also, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and our blog!