Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • Have you activated the voucher? There is a button in the shipping confirmation email. Please click the button and activate your vouchers on the following page. If you cannot find the activation email, or if you have already activated the vouchers and still have trouble redeeming, please contact us at with your invoice number and we will review the situation.

  • Please send us your invoice number to We will send you another email with the activation button.

  • As our bitcoin reference rate, we use the bitcoin exchange rate as provided by Specifically, calculates the last price in EUR as a weighted average from all exchanges trading bitcoin against EUR. The bitcoin reference rate is currently: 1 bitcoin = . For the redemption rate, we add 2.0% (for sms orders) or 2.0% (for gift cards) to the bitcoin reference rate to cover cost and risk. The redemption rate is displayed when you redeem your voucher and will be fixed at the time of redemption. For example, if you keep your voucher for 1 year until you redeem, you will receive the bitcoin redemption rate at that day and time.

  • We generally would advise to redeem your vouchers quickly. If you are buying for yourself, redeeming quickly means you will hold the actual bitcoins and will lock in the exchange rate. If you give bit4coin vouchers as a gift, we suggest to recommend to the recipient to redeem the voucher quickly, as they should become active users and participants in the bitcoin ecosystem. Also, vouchers expire after 2 years, which you can avoid by redeeming fast.

  • bit4coin vouchers are valid for 2 years from day of purchase.


  • A good place to start is for more details and links on bitcoin.

  • We are committed to creating a safe environment for our customers. Fraud checks and identity verification procedures are carried out by bit4coin on each order to minimise negative impact from fraud, money laundering or identity theft for our customers.

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