Pricing and Exchange Rates

bit4coin charges two types of fees, a fee for handling and shipping, as well as an exchange rate fee. Buying cryptocurrency directly (or e‑vouchers) is more affordable, as we save the effort and time to mail the physical gift cards. The fee structure is as follows:
Shipping and handling fee
Type Voucher code (by SMS) Gift card (by mail)
Shipping and handling per order €1.00 €3.00
Shipping and handling fee is only charged once per order, up to €10,000. For gift cards, it includes mailing your order to your address. The shipping and handling fee are exempted from VAT.

In addition to the shipping and handling fee, an exchange rate fee is applied to your order based on your total cumulative order volume for your account:
Exchange rate fee

Cumulative order volume Exchange rate fee
Up to €1,000.00 1.99%
€1,000.01 – €10,000.00 1.49%
€10,000.01 – €1,000,000.00 0.99%
Above €1,000,000.01 0.49%
The exchange rate fee is also exempt from VAT.

Vouchers received or bought at other locations

In case physical gift cards or e-vouchers are acquired through third-party resellers or shops, different fees may be applied. Please check the seller’s terms for the actual pricing.

Delivery Times

Delivery times vary
by voucher type.

For voucher codes, we will send the voucher code to your mobile phone immediately after we have received your payment and verification is completed. Delivery should then only take a matter of minutes.

For gift cards, delivery time varies by destination, but should be in the range of 2-7 days. We will ship your order from our office in Amsterdam on the same day as your payment is received.

Reference rates and redemption rates

The "bitcoin reference rate" is calculated based on the last weighted average EUR price as provided by When redeeming bit4coin vouchers, the corresponding exchange rate fee from the table above is added to the bitcoin reference rate at time of redemption. This covers all cost and risk, e.g., operations cost, exchange rate risk and bitcoin mining fees. Bitstamp is used for rates for other currencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchange rate
Bitcoin €15,862.99
Bitcoin Cash €242.65
Ethereum €495.48
Litecoin €72.39
Ripple €0.51
Source: Last weighted average EUR price from and Data may be delayed by up to 1 minute. bit4coin, bitstamp and are not affiliated in any way. Please note that in case of a rare service disruption or obvious mistakes in the exchange rate we reserve the right to rectify the rate, but will do so transparent manner.

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