bit4coin offers commission-free cryptocurrency purchases

The Corona crisis has resulted in economic uncertainty for many people and businesses. To support investors, bit4coin is making all purchases of cryptocurrency on commission-free until April 10th, 2020.

Governments and Central Banks have reacted quickly to this unprecedented crisis. Today the U.S. Senate has passed a $2 trillion stimulus package. European governments have each pledged billions in addition to the European Central Bank's €750 billion. Globally, it is assumed that more than $5 trillion has been pledged to dampen the economic impact and this may only be the first step. This massive monetary expansion will likely have inflationary consequences. There is a case for an alternative currency that is scarce by design.

The case for a global, blockchain-based settlement network to simply and quickly move value across borders has never been more critical. Especially in a world where travel has come to a halt and country borders are being erected.

To take advantage of bit4coin’s commission-free trading until April 10th, place your order now!

Notes: Cryptocurrency investments are risky; you should not construe any of this information or other material as investment, financial or other advice. A (free) bit4coin account is required for cryptocurrency payouts.